I can't update the site lately due to bad family issues and I don't really wanna ukisspoland die...

If you want to help us and update and join our ukisspoland team, please write in comments in "no updates lately"

Thank you in advance :)


Moved, due to lack of space on blogspot.com

no limit for data and pictures, co we moved. Hope too see u there! 
Do not have to make an account to see news, so fell free to use it! 

See you^^ 


no updates lately....

I know we do not update the site lately...
I know we should but me and Christine have no time to do this.
I have got 2 jobs and I'm so sorry, but cos of my family's company big money problems I had to pick up 2 jobs and I'm trying as hard as I can to help...and cos of that I don't have time to think about UKISS....
I hope you will understand...

About Christine. She told me she need to focus on the studies...and I think it's a good idea, cos I know we all love UKISS, but you know Studies and family are most important, so I hope you will understand that too.

I had to sell the ukisspoland.com domain to have some more extra money (each month cost me like 10$ it gives 120 a year...I gave those money to parents). but ukisspoland.blogspot. com is still on.

If anyone wanna help me and Christine and make this site still working I would be so happy about it...I don't wanna ukisspoland to die...

send me a message at my personal email: alitekiss@gmail.com if you wanna help us to keep the ukisspoland page alive....

thank you for amazing 1,5 year...I love you so much.
Thank you Christine for helping me for that long....I should be a better friend to you sis...I'm so sorry I let you down...



110706 Kevin Twitter Update

Chu~~♥ 쮸쮸쮸~~♥ チョ~~♥
Credits: Kevinwoo91 + ukisspoland.com
full credits if taken!

110706 U-Kiss Official Japanese Twitter Update part2

スタジオに遊びに来てくれたみんなありがとう~と感謝するスヒョンです! Credits: UKISS_Japan + ukisspoland.com
full credits if taken!

110701 U-KISS: The Boy KIMCHI (THAI) Magazine. Exclusive Trip in Malaysia

Credits: HEAWENKISSES + ukisspoland.com
full credits if taken!